My Turkey Journal

Please have your turkey answer the following questions in the chart below.

Turkey's Name: jurkey the turkey

Nickname: jurkey

Age 1

Hometown west bloomfield

Favorite Movie grownups

Favorite Sport football

Favorite Book wayside school

Favorite Color dark blue

Height 4.2

Weight 12

Eye Color brown

Feather Colors brown

Personality enjoyable

Best Character Trait thoughtful

Hobbies plays sports

Most Embarrassing Moment his friends caught him sleep gobbling

Best Memory winning the Turkey Bowl (football championship)

Awards Won MVT (most valuable turkey)

Plans for the Future not to get eaten for Thanksgiving

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Add your nightly journal entries below. Be sure to include the date and a complete paragraph! Have fun!
1. One entry must be written each night.
2. All journal entries must be neat, complete, and on time.
3. All journal entries must begin with the date.
4. Your journal must be written from your turkey's point of view. Pretend you are your turkey. What would your turkey do, think about, say...etc.
5. Your entry should be creative, but sound like it could happen. Think about what your turkey would do at school with you and without you.
6. While you must be creative, please make sure it is school appropriate. (i.e. no blood, guts, fighting, or weapons)
7. Each entry must include a topic sentence that explains what kind of day you had, three or more detail sentences that explain what happened to you, and a conclusion sentence. (at least 5 sentences total)
8.Make sure you are checking your entries for correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Journal Entry
November 13
Dear Journal, I had the MOST incredible day of my life. Well I'm not sure yet because I have only been alive for ONE DAY. But so far I have had a pretty outstanding day. First, I met my awesome new parents. Next, I found a million dollar bill on the sidewalk but I still wonder how I can walk? Then I used my million dollars to buy a sweet house.
November 14
Dear Journal, I had a just okay day. I was having a good day learning from the turkey teacher when I was in snoozing mood and the teacher got all it's time for recess and she saw that I was sleeping. So she asked me a question that she taught us and I got it wrong. Next, while everyone got to play, I got detention.
November 15
Dear Journal, Today I had a horrible day. First I tried out for swim team but they said that they are not sure that I am ready yet. Second I found a ten dollar turkey bill on on the street so I bought myself dinner. Then when I looked on the menu, everything was turkey with different sides on it. It was a disaster. So apparently that was a waste of ten turkey dollars. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
November 16
Dear Journal, Alex and I went on an airplane ride. Apparently we didn't get to sit next to each other. I had to sit next to a grandpa and a baby. So this is basically what I heard all day: waaa and zzzzzz combined and I was going to Arizona! So I had an annoying day. Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be better.
November 19
Dear Journal, Today I had a great day. First, I went to San Tan Flat (steak house) and I was glad they didn't have turkey on the menu. Alex and I had dinner next to the fire pit. The fire was burning in my glorious eyes. Then we roasted the best marshmallows in town that were very sweet.
November 20
Dear Journal, Today I climbed a mountain with my friend, Alex. When we first got there, we saw that there was a sign that said there were killer bees so we tried to go places we thought the bees would not be. Then we started climbing and we found two paths. We didn't know which one to go to so we went to them both. But then, we saw a turkey running away from some guys so I thought that must be bad news because there might be some guys looking to eat me. It turns out they were just climbing with their pet turkey too. With a bunch of exhaustion, we finally made it to the top.
November 21
Dear Journal, Today I had scary day. I was walking on the sidewalk and then all of a sudden I glanced at the beautiful green golf course but then I saw Wylie the coyote. Wylie looked at me and I started scrambling towards the house. I knew it was too far. I knew I wasn't going to make it, but apparently the coyote wasn't hungry. I ended up safely inside my own home.
November 22
Dear Mrs. Roth,

Please don't roast me for Thanksgiving. Wouldn't you rather go out for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant that doesn't serve turkey? I'm sure I don't taste very good, especially not my feathers. You know what tastes good? Pizza. Another thing is that you could choke on my bones. Pizza doesn't have bones. If I haven't convinced you yet, I bet you won't be able to catch me. Do you want to go to all the trouble of trying to catch me? Most of all, if you eat me, my friend Alex will be very sad. I hope you don't make him sad.