Story Title and Author:

Character 1
Name and Character Traits:Anansi-tricky,funny,clever, and lazy

Character 2
Name and Character Traits:Elephent- funny,wierd.,happy,good worker

Setting a farm and a naborhood
Time: Day
Place: Past? Presnet?
Description (sights, smells, feeling) The setting is a melon farm.
What does the main character want?
Anansi is in a thorn tree loking at elephint hoeing his melon farm when it gets to hot to work elephint goes inside for a little when Anansi brakes a thorn off and goes and poke a hole though the biggest and ripest melon and eats it but the hole is to small becaus Anansi is now fat form eating the melon so to pass time he Anansi pretend that the melon he is in is in.
What is the problem? Why can't the main character get what s/he wants? Why does the trickster need to plan a trick?
Anansi can not git out of the melon.
Because Anansi is too fat to get out.
Because it will take a while intill Anansi gets sinny to get through the hole.

Event 1
First,Anansi is in a thorn tree while elephnte is hoeing his melon farm

Event 2
Then,Anansi brakes off a thorn when elephent went inside.

Event 3
Next,Anasi polkes a ghole thourgh the biggest ripest melon and eats it and gets stuck in the melon.
How is the problem solved? How is the other character changed by the trickster's trick? What happens after the trick?
Finally,Anansi pretends that the melon is talking but he is really talking and elephint brings it to the king and so on.
All the exitement made Anansi skinny again.
Not to belive evreything.
Elephent gets in trouble by the king
What is the lesson that was learned
anansiAndTheTalkingMelon.jpg The lesson learned is not to eat other peoples food.