Story Title and Author:anansi party time eric a kimmel

Character 1 anansi
Name and Character Traits:

Character 2 turtle
Name and Character Traits:

Time: day
Place:anansi and turtle's house
Description (sights, smells, feeling)
What does the main character want? to trick the other one

What is the problem? Why can't the main character get what s/he wants? Why does the trickster need to plan a trick? becuse turtle had to go back and fourth and kept biring ing stuff then turtule tricks anansi into comeing into his house and he kept floating back up to the surfec and then held on to crab and didnt get any food

Event 1
First,anansi ivited turtle to come to his house for a party and turtle didn't have the right stuff and had to walk backand fourth and didn't go to the party.

Event 2
Then, turtle had a party and anansi went but floated to the top then jumped on crab and went down and played a game geuss the animal and anansi won and crab took them for anansi

Event 3
Next, then they floated to the top
How is the problem solved? How is the other character changed by the trickster's trick? What happens after the trick?
Finally, they floated to the moon
What is the lesson that was learned